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editoral staffYou deserve to live in your DREAM HOME. You don’t have to spend a fortune or win the lotto to live in a luxurious home.

Here at we’ll show you how to design and remodel your home in simple, yet powerful ways.

While designing homes from the ground up, the same questions and concerns are always raised by homeowners. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for homeowners to find the information they need.

Whether it’s while working on their next home improvement project or designing their dream home from scratch it’s hard to know who to trust. was created to help answer some of these pressing design questions.

So, far it’s working. Every year millions come to our sites to get great home design advice without the annoying ads, pop-ups and slideshows.

Today, more homeowners are concerned about maintaining and increasing the value of their home on a limited budget. Here you can find the answers to these questions and uncover new insights on home value, instead of the same worn out advice.

If you want actionable home improvement advice, join thousands of others and get free email updates!

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