The Complete Bedroom Design Guide

Whether you like your bedroom to be warm and cozy or clean and bright, I will guide you through the bedroom design process step-by-step.

Bedroom design is a very personal and intimate subject. As an experienced home designer, I can testify that no two bedrooms are alike.

However, there are some guidelines that you should follow when designing your ideal bedroom layout.

Whether you like your bedroom to be warm and cozy or clean and bright, I will guide you through the bedroom design process step-by-step.

Start From Scratch

Step 1: Start with the Right Size

If you are designing your own home from scratch and want to know how big to make your dream bedroom, it is helpful to know the average bedroom size.

From our experience, the standard bedroom size in the United States is about 11 feet by 12 feet or 132 square feet in total area. This is *just* enough room to fit a queen size bed.

However, the actual size of your bedroom should reflect the size of your bed. You should have a minimum of 30 inches of clearance around the sides and bottom of the bed. Preferably you should leave 36 inches of space for more comfort.

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Step 2: Don’t Forget the Basics

When designing your bedroom, there are a few requirements that every bedroom must have. Things like a door and operable window are required by the International Residential Code, while other items like a closet and natural light are just common sense.

Bedroom Design Requirements:

While the minimum ceiling height in a bedroom is 7’ according to the IRC building code, most bedrooms in the U.S. have an 8’ ceiling.

Thinking about going higher? Cathedral ceilings are both beautiful and impressive. However, we discourage them in bedrooms. According to Feng Shui experts, a tall ceiling or an extremely large room can cause a lack of energy in the bedroom.

In design terms this is called “scale.” A room that designed to be proportionate to our own size feels more comfortable and is actually easier to decorate.

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Rearrange Furniture

In my experience almost every bedroom is smaller than most homeowners would prefer. There just isn’t enough space to fit a king size bed, dresser, side tables, desk or seating without feeling cramped.

And if you happen to have a large bedroom, sometimes it can actually be too big. Having too much space in your bedroom can make it awkward to arrange your furniture in a way that makes sense.

Walking Space

The first key to success when arranging your bedroom furniture is to leave yourself plenty of walking space.

In fact, your bed should have at least 30 inches of clearance along the sides and bottom. Preferably, you should leave at least 36 inches of space on each side of the bed.

Thinking about rearranging your furniture to freshen up your space? There’s an easier way instead of moving everything around just to see if it works. We’ve created a printable workbook to help you design your dream bedroom. Just cut out the furniture and arrange to your hearts content.

Bed Placement

Since the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, we should start there. The bed should be placed against a solid wall and not against a wall with a door or window.

According to Feng Shui experts, the most important thing to consider when arranging your bedroom furniture is the door position in relation to the bed.

The entry door should be visible from the bed. However, the door should be positioned on a diagonal line to the bed. That means the door should not open directly to the foot of the bed. Also, the head of the bed should be placed away from closet and bathroom doors.


Searching for bedroom design ideas to help you redecorate? The good news is that it is easy to design a beautiful bedroom even if you’re not an interior designer.

There are a few basic concepts to keep in mind:

There have been numerous studies that have found colors can greatly affect your mood and sleep. That’s why we believe it is important to pick a bedroom paint color that will not only match your decor, but also help you sleep well at night.

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Organize Your Closet

walkin closet design ideas

Organizing your closet is one of the fastest ways to transform your life. No, that’s not a typo.

When your closet it stuffed to the brim, it can add unnecessary stress and anxiety to your life.

Considering how powerful it can be to organize your closet, it is no wonder that a recent book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” became a New York Times best-seller and an instant classic.

The book describes an organization strategy called the Konmari Method. It consists of three steps:

Upgrade Your Bedding

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