Black Galaxy Granite: Countertop Buyer's Guide

by Joanna Stewart

Sun, Oct 28, 2018

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black galaxy granite countertops Photo via Design Connection, Inc

Black Galaxy Granite remains one of the most popular and highly desired granites in the world and exports to virtually every continent.

Deriving from a boulder quarry in the state of Andhra Pradesh India, Black Galaxy - which is also sometimes labeled Galaxy Black - is sourced from over 50 quarries located in the same region of South India. Specifically, the granite from the Cheemakurthy and Ongole areas are widely renowned for their elegance and high quality.

The original Black Galaxy Granite is known as Star Galaxy Granite, with it’s deep, black background and birth reflecting speckles. Star Granite is still available but only in limited supplies as there is not enough to meet the commercial demand for this type of granite.

Today, there are over 50 quarries producing Black Galaxy granite, which has garnered a high demand worldwide due to it’s elegant look and rich gold colored specs.

Black Galaxy granite combines a sophisticated, dark, black background with beautiful gold specks, creating a distinguished option for kitchen countertops, floors, walls, and tubs. The granite is commercially available as three types: Large Grain, Medium Grain, and Small Grain, each pertaining to how large the gold and bronze speckles appear.

It is important to keep in mind that the quality of each slab can also vary tremendously. There are 4 ‘grades’ of Black Galaxy Granite: the top-grade consists of no veining while Grade 4 pieces consist of at least three veins or more.

Design Considerations

Typical color pairings consist of bold reds, muted oranges, and white, to create the classic black & white combination. Due to its dark appearance, Black Galaxy can also be complimented with similar colors, such as Gray or Black, to amplify the bronze speckles.

Also, brown cabinets are popular for kitchen designers as it contrasts nicely against Black Galaxy. A black countertop in the kitchen can provide an excellent backdrop and gives homeowners versatility when decorating and won’t force a particular color pattern.


As with most dark granites, Black Galaxy is a very dense stone - with smaller than normal pores - and, therefore, is not considered porous. The granite is extremely durable and is very difficult to stain, although crumbs, smudges, and dirty spots will show up much more compared to lighter stones.

If you’ve ever owned a black car, you know that it takes some TLC to keep it looking sharp. The same holds true with Black Galaxy. However, because of its quality, density, and color, the granite is almost impossible to stain.

Most dealers recommend not using any sealants because the stone itself is nonabsorbant. Maintaining Black Galaxy Granite countertops is kept simple: daily and weekly use of a neutral PH cleaner and a granite polish three times per year should keep your stone as shiny as new.

Because of its durability and low maintenance cost, Black Galaxy is also frequently used for commercial flooring. However, keep in mind that Black Granite can be prone to scratching, as with most forms of granite if used in high-traffic areas.

How Much Does Black Galaxy Granite Cost?

Black Galaxy Granite is considered a mid to high priced stone and is in great demand. All Granite falls into one of the five rate classifications - A through E - with A the least expensive and E the priciest. Black Galaxy is a D stone; however, prices can vary depending on the grain pattern and color of the stone. On average, expect to pay between $70 - $90 per square foot, which will include the installation and standard fabrications for countertops.

You might find prefabricated slabs for as little as $300-$400, but most non-professionals will likely need help cutting the granite to an exact size. Most who choose to perform their install themselves will select pre-fabricated island countertops, which range from $500 - $700 per piece depending on the size and thickness of the slab.

Black Galaxy Tiles fall between $3 - $7 per square foot uninstalled and are an attractive and cost-effective alternative to the pricier slabs.

Although there are less expensive Black Granites available, none quite have the same gold or bronze sparkle when the light hits it the right way. Ideal for a classy kitchen countertop - and also frequently used for bathroom counters, sinks, and even tabletops - Black Galaxy Granite is an elegant and sound choice for those looking for style and quality.

Its appearance is timeless and appeals to homeowners looking for a classic or chic look that can blend with almost any other color. You can cut directly on the granite, use it as a surface for scolding hot pans and wipe up almost any spill without much effort.

It’s high price tag hasn’t detracted buyers as there are countless reasons why the material is always in such high demand. The next time you are considering a new stone for your kitchen countertop, it might be wise to consider Black Galaxy as many find it a wise investment for years or decades to come.


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