Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

by Joanna Stewart

Sun, Dec 2, 2018

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walmart check cashing

Need to cash a personal check? You’re not alone. On my commute I pass countless check cashing stores that will cash payroll, tax refund and even personal checks.

But what about cashing personal checks at the grocery store or at Walmart?

I recently received an email from a reader that wanted to know more about Walmart check cashing:

**I need to cash a check from my friend. Does Walmart cash personal checks?**

Since I was curious, I decided to find out for myself. Keep reading to find out if Walmart takes personal checks at their Money Center.

How Does Walmart Check Cashing Work?

Don’t have a bank account but need to cash your check? Just take it to Walmart. You can cash a $1,000 check for only $3 or up to a $5,000 check for only $6.

What if you need more than your payroll check to make it to the end of the month? You can be approved instantly to get up to $1,000 to cover your everyday expenses. See if a short term loan is right for you.

But back to our original problem: personal check cashing.

To get your check cashed instantly, all you need to do is visit a Walmart location that offers check cashing services. Be sure to bring your ID and the check you want cashed. Before you know it you’ll be walking out with cash in your pockets.

What do you need to cash a check at Walmart?

Walmart check cashing services accepts almost all preprinted checks such as payroll, government and tax refund checks.

Walmart Will Cash These Pre-Printed Checks and More:

But what about personal checks? Unfortunately, Walmart does not cash personal checks.

Although there are many benefits of opening a bank account, sometimes it feels good to hold a stack of cash in your hand. Many financial guru’s I’ve talked to are always confused why check cashing is so popular. The reason is simple: CASH IS KING!

While you won’t be able to cash personal checks at Walmart, you can still get your payroll, government or any other pre-printed check cashed for only $3.

Are you happy with Walmart check cashing? Have a complaint? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience.


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