10 Fence Ideas and Designs for Your Front or Backyard

by Joanna Stewart

Fri, Nov 9, 2018

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Photo via Paysages Rodler

Photo via Paysages Rodler

Want to keep your piece of paradise private from your neighbors? But don’t want an ugly privacy fence?

Driving through your neighborhood you may find dozens of different styles of fences and fencing materials. Which one is right for your home and more importantly your budget?

I’ve rounded up some of the most traditional fence designs that will dramatically change the look of your yard and improve your curb appeal. And we all know that can lead to increased home values.

Here are 10 of my favorite fence ideas to help makeover your backyard or even front yard.

Front Yard Fence Designs

It’s important to match the design of your fence with the style of your home. This Mediterranean home features a modern style wood fence with white stucco pillars. The color and design of the fence is a perfect compliment to the home without blocking views in or out of the yard.

Who doesn’t love a traditional white picket fence? Not only does this front yard include a beautifully designed fence but the landscaping helps keep it from looking dull. The over-sized flower pot adds a focal point within the front yard.

Here is another example of using the style of the home to influence the fence design. This short stone block wall is built from the same type of rocks as the home. It is almost a seamless extension of the home into the front yard. Another unique design touch was to paint the wood fence a complimentary color to the house.

Some people love the look and feel of a country cottage. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love this fence. It is a rustic wood fence constructed out of natural timbers. It is a more organic alternative to the other front yard fences we’ve seen. The style is similar to that of a garden fence.

Photo via Paysages Rodler

Photo via Paysages Rodler

A traditional wrought iron fence is a simple way to completely change the look of your front yard. Unlike the other front yard fences we’ve discussed, this fence is not an extension of the house in terms of construction. Instead, the black fence is a strong contrast to this traditional home. Combined with the landscaping, this fence stands on guard protecting the home from the sidewalk and street.

Backyard Fence Designs

This backyard features a traditional wood fence with a lattice extension. Although more expensive, the lattice adds an extra layer of detail that will give your backyard a finished look. Notice how this fence has a natural wood stain but could be painted or stained to match the sytle of your home.

Most of the wood fence designs you’ll find in your neighborhood or at your home improvement store will have vertical wood slats. This fence on the other hand does the exact opposite. By changing the orientation of the boards, combined with a dark stain, this backyard becomes a modern oasis.

Most wood fences you’ll encounter when looking for design ideas will be stained or natural. One way to transform the look of your backyard is to paint your fence. This white wood fence is the perfect backdrop to the modern pool furniture and concrete pool deck. Although white is the most traditional, you could paint your fence practically any color to match your home decor.

Chain Link Fence Alternatives

Photo via Monrovla

Photo via Monrovla

Can’t get rid of your chain link fence? No worries. Here is an excellent example of how to transform your chain link fence into a focal point in your garden. This home features Japanese Wisteria woven through the fence, but you could use almost any style of flowering vines or climbing plants.

A solid wood fence does not work in every backyard, especially when views are at a premium. For example, this backyard has two tiers with views into a wooded area. The black metal fence keeps pets and children safe while maintaining the views below. You may also notice that the nearest fence has extra metalworking details to give the yard a finished look. In contrast, the lower fence is a more basic fence design which helps cut down on costs.


As you can see there are many different fence design ideas for almost any style home. Which one is your favorite?

However, installing a new fence isn’t quite as easy as picking a design and getting started. In fact, it can be quite the political process depending on the area or type of neighborhood you live in.

Here are a few important questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you conquer this project:

Before you head down to your local home improvement store and place your order, don’t forget to check your local building codes. You may be required to get a permit to install a new fence.

Not to mention, you’ll need to get your property lines surveyed to make sure your fence is installed on your property.

Also, many homeowners associations have Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) in place that govern fencing in neighborhoods. Be sure to check that your fence doesn’t need approval before you get started.


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