25 Common Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes

by Joanna Stewart

Tue, Dec 4, 2018

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In this guide you’ll learn the most common Frigidaire dishwasher error codes and how to fix them.

In fact:

We discovered that there are only a few fault codes that cause the majority of problems with Frigidaire appliances.

If you can’t find your code in the list below, please leave us a comment at the bottom of this post.

Error Codes for Frigidaire Dishwashers

Error Code Problem Solution
HO Heat Delay (Low Water Temperature) Cycle is delayed until hot water temperature rises.
LO Low Rinse Aid Refill rinse aid dispenser.
PF Power Failure Possible power outage. Open and close door to reset.
i10 Low water level Check water supply line
i20, i40, iF0 Restricted drain line Clean filters, check drain hose
i30 Bottom pan leak Check hose connections, level unit
i50 Drain or wash motor failure Restart unit: press and hold the cancel button or turn off power at breaker
i60 Water heating system failure Restart unit: press and hold the cancel button or turn off power at breaker
iC0 Electronic control system failure Restart unit: press and hold the cancel button or turn off power at breaker
UO Vent open Check vent assembly and wiring
UF Vent Failure (Fan not running) Check vent assembly and wiring. Replace vent fan.
ER Membrane Switch Failure / Stuck Key Check wiring connections between keypad and Main Control Board
CE Configuration Error Check wiring connections between keypad and Main Control Board
CL Close Door (Door Switch Open) Check door switches. Check wiring between door switches and Main Control Board
dP Drain Pump Displayed in relay test when drain pump is activated
FL Water valve open Displayed in relay test when water valve is activated.
hs Hall Sensor Error Check wiring between motor and Main Control Board. Replace motor.
rA Rinse Aid Reed Switch Failure Refill the rinse aid dispenser. If error still exist, check wiring between dispenser and Main Control Board. Replace dispenser assembly.
RE Rinse Aid Reed Switch Rinse aid reed switch in dispenser is closed.
RF Rinse aid reed switch Rinse aid reed switch in dispenser is open. Refill rinse aid dispenser. Replace dispenser assembly.
rt Relay / Triac Test Relay test mode has been activated.
Sd Detergent Dispenser Displayed in relay test mode when detergent dispenser is activated.
tu Turbidity Sensor Failure Check wiring between turbidity sensore and Main Control Board. Replace turbidity sensor.

Common Frigidaire Dishwasher Problems

In our experience with Frigidaire dishwashers, we found that the most common problems were caused by recent power outages.

When there is a power failure the dishwasher will display the PF error code. This is an alert that the power to the appliance has dropped by 10 percent or more. To reset this code, open and close the dishwasher door. If this error code appears frequently, check that the voltage to the appliance is adequate.

You are likely to encounter the HO error code if you have a small or old hot water heater.

This fault code means that the cycle has been delayed until the hot water supplied to the dishwasher reaches operating temperature. If you see this error frequently, turn on the hot water at the kitchen faucet before starting the dishwasher cycle. This will remove any cold water that is sitting in the lines and allow the dishwasher to start immediately.

The LO error code is an indication that the rinse aid level is low. To clear this code, refill the rinse aid dispenser to the appropriate level. If the problem continues you may need to check the wiring, replace the reed switch, or repair the dispenser assembly.

Any Error Codes I Missed?

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Did I miss any Frigidaire dishwasher error codes?

Or maybe you have a question about appliance repair.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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