Kashmir White Granite Countertops Pros and Cons

by Joanna Stewart

Thu, Nov 22, 2018

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kashmir white granite countertops Photo via Alexandra Luhrs Interior Design

Kashmir White Granite, sometimes referred to as Kashmir Cream, is an extremely desirable Granite appreciated by homeowners and builders alike.

Sourced from a bedrock quarry in the Madurai region of India, this granite carries a marble-like appearance, making it an elegant choice for flooring, kitchen countertops and even staircases.

Originating in the Precambrian period, the sometimes overwhelming material is consistently popular throughout the world. Although this diverse stone is a fine-grained and granular metamorphic rock - making it nominated as a Granulite according to European standards - it is commonly classified as Granite in the US and China.

Kashmir Granite can blend with a variety of different colors and designs, making it one of the most sought-after stones in the market.

Color Characteristics

The color tone, speckles, and overall appearance will vary on each shipment of Kashmir. The primary color can range from white or cream to light gray, with striking dark flecks throughout fluctuating from red to cranberry, and sometimes even hints of peach. It is also very common to find Kashmir Granite with brown or creme tones, hence the byname Cream Kashmir.

The movement and veining are also unique in each slab, sometimes creating a very way pattern while other times a much more linear appearance.

One reason this particular Granite is in high demand is because it can integrate and match with a diverse choice of complementary colors. Kashmir is very versatile and blends well with dark colors as well as light tones. For a bright kitchen, white, cream, and other pale hues compliment the light tone of the Granite. Many designers also prefer to pair it with dark colors, such as burgundy, cherry, or black, all of which contrast the unique subtleties found in each slab.

Staining and Maintenance

Lighter colored granites tend to be much more porous, and Kashmir White is no exception. Liquids, especially darker ones, tend to stain as do oils and grease. Kashmir white will benefit from a sealant, which is a protective coating applied to the stone every six months.

Also, some commercial users will opt for a ‘resined’ piece of granite, which also goes a long way in protecting it from stains. Typically, the ‘resin’ sealant will last for 10-15 years and is usually standard if using the granite for kitchen countertops, flooring, or any other use that might be applicable to staining.

It is important to note that hot pans might create a ‘scorch’ mark on resined stone, so ensure that you choose the right treatment based on your needs. Also, each slab can vary in porosity, so it is important to work directly with your dealer to know which method is suitable. I should also point out that, regardless of how you decide to protect your Kashmir White, it will never be 100% resistant to stains.

How Much Does Kashmire White Granite Cost?

Kashmir White is available for sale in both tiles and slabs. Typically, the installed price ranges from $50 - $75 per square foot. However, this can vary based on your geographical location, the type of edging you select and how complicated the installation might be.

Since Kashmir Cream is a relatively popular stone, it is common to find ‘specials’ ranging from $25 - $40 per square foot installed. Keep in mind, this price reflects a basic install and does not usually include cutouts, edging, or any other customizations. Kashmir granite is a good value considering that the average cost of granite, including installation, ranges from $50 - $100 per square foot.

White Kashmir tiles range from an average of $7.50 - $15 per square foot; most tiles are purchased for DIY projects.

Kashmir White granite is widely considered to be an excellent value, especially considering that it closely resembles marble but is available at a fraction of the cost. The versatility of the stone opens a variety of design choices and complimentary colors to homeowners, so it is a good starting point to decorate around.

Considering its moderate price range, it’s an excellent choice for users on a budget seeking the style of a much more expensive stone. Kashmir is always unique - you rarely find the same color combinations in different slabs - and can create a one of a kind design for those seeking a sophisticated look.

It is truly a wonderful starting point for those looking for value, quality, versatility and creating a one of a kind design, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, stairwell, backslashes or even walls.

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