5 Surprisingly Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions

by Joanna Stewart

Wed, Oct 17, 2018

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Pipes break. Drains clog. Plumbing problems are inevitable at home and around the office.

What are the most common plumbing problems you’ve encountered? Leave a comment below telling us about the problem and how you were able to fix it.

Clogged Drains

Whether indoors or outdoors, drains get clogged. The most common drains to get clogged in your home are in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Occasionally these problems can be solved with simple products such as Drano or Liquid-Plumr from your local grocery or hardware store.

In the event the drain is clogged from a stoppage further down in the plumbing system, you will need to contact a professional plumber.

Outdoor drainage problems may be a sign of a larger plumbing failure. Many times a clogged drain in your yard can be caused by debris, mulch and other items.

Typically during the fall and in longer bouts of rain drainage systems become overloaded and unable to handle the volume of water.

You can take preventative measures to keep your outdoor drains clear of leaves and objects throughout the year. Evaluate where you normally have drainage problems and look for ways to minimize the amount of erosion that gets into your drainage system.

Try sand bags or loose hay. Both have been effective in controlling drainage problems in many situations.

Garbage Disposal Repair

One of the most common household plumbing problems involves the garbage disposal. According to many plumbing professionals, the garbage disposal is often misused and overworked.

Designed only to process food residue, a standard disposal is easily clogged when larger food scraps are inserted. Also, avoid putting coffee grounds in the garbage disposal or down the sink.

If you attempt to repair it yourself take precautions first. Disconnect the power to the system before cleaning out the mechanism.

Use a tool or pliers to remove any objects that may be lodged in the disposal. Do not put your fingers directly into the drain to retrieve any foreign objects.

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers. They are usually called to fix a clogged or broken garbage disposal that was misused while cleaning up after a Thanksgiving meal.

Don’t fall victim to the Black Friday plumbing blues. Use your garbage disposal carefully and with caution.

Septic Tanks

Septic Tank problems can be costly and overwhelming. Many plumbing companies specialize in handling septic tanks only. To prevent potential problems septic tank pumping must occur regularly and consistently.

Depending on the capacity of the septic tank and the amount of people living in your household the pumping schedule may vary greatly. For instance, a large household with a small septic tank may need to be pumped every 8 months. In contrast, a small household with only 2 people using a large capacity septic tank may only need pumping every few years.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are frequently found in the basement of homes that experience flooding. A sump pump is designed to remove the water from the basement by pumping it into the waster water system or outside. There are various types of sump pumps available on the market ranging in styles and functions. Some common sump pump problems are caused from a lack of maintenance.

Water Heaters

Any work on your water heater must be handled by a licensed plumber. There are strict building codes around water heater installation that must be followed closely. Depending on the age, size and power source for your water heater there are many different situations that may arise. For instance, gas and electric powered water heaters must be installed with different specifications.

A local plumber will be able to accurately address any problems that you have with your residential water heater.


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