27 Surprising Magic Eraser Uses That Actually Work!

by Joanna Stewart

Tue, Nov 27, 2018

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magic eraser uses

Constant home maintenance and cleaning is probably one of the worst parts of homeownership. That’s why I’ve been collecting new cleaning shortcuts to help you get your chores done faster and your home looking better than ever.

So far we’ve covered tips like how to clean grout easily, but today we’re going to talk about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - your new secret cleaning weapon.

It turns out these inexpensive foam pads can practically clean your entire house (and car) without any special chemical cleaners. Talk about green cleaning!

Why does this special foam work so well? Well, while it may look like an ordinary sponge, it’s actually melamine foam.

What makes it different from other cleaners is that the foam is very hard and acts like very fine sandpaper. This is the main reason it is so good at removing stubborn stains like grease, crayon or even permanent marker without additional chemicals.

Without further ado, here are 27 Magic Eraser uses that will help keep your home looking great…

For Kitchen Cleaning

It’s no secret that some of the most stubborn stains are found in the kitchen. Grease, grime, coffee stains and spills are everywhere. If you’re ready to get your kitchen back to the way it was when it was brand new, then a Magic Eraser just might do the trick.

You can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean all of your appliances including the fridge, microwave, oven and stove top. It is especially good at cleaning glass stove tops that have burnt on food stains.

If you are like some of my readers that are nervous about using a razor blade to clean your glass stovetop, a Magic Eraser is a great alternative.

Top Magic Eraser uses in the kitchen:

Editor’s Note: Do not use a Magic Eraser on pots and pans with non-stick surfaces.

For Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom without a Magic Eraser is like taking a knife to a gunfight - not a good idea. Plus you’ll be forced to use hazardous chemicals to cut through the nasty bathroom stains you encounter.

You can use a Magic Eraser to conquer toilet stains, shine bathroom faucets, clean shower curtains and eliminate hard water stains in your shower or bathtub.

But, that’s not all. One quick wipe over your counter will get rid of that stubborn hairspray residue you’ve struggled with for years.

Top Magic Eraser uses in the bathroom:

For Stubborn Stains

The reason Magic Erasers are so effective is because they are made of Melamine Foam. This special foam is microporous and very hard - helping you remove stubborn stains without using too much elbow grease.

In fact, the foam is so rigid that it acts like fine sandpaper, allowing you to practically scrape off what you thought were “permanent” stains.

You can now tackle nail polish, permanent marker or even crayon marks from walls and furniture with ease.

Do you have scuffs or marks on your walls or baseboards from moving? These come off in an instant with a Magic Eraser.

One of my favorite uses is on tarnished brass or silver. After a few minutes of cleaning your prized possessions will be looking new again.

Top Magic Eraser uses for stubborn stains:

For Outside

Not only does a Magic Eraser help you clean inside, but you can use it outside as well. After only a few months of neglect your patio furniture, deck or siding could start to look like it needs serious TLC. Instead of renting a pressure washer and risk damaging your siding or deck, why not use a Magic Eraser?

You can use it to remove mildew from siding and gutters as well as remove Algae from almost any surface.

In wet climates (especially here in Seattle), Algae seems to stick to everything. Use an eraser to remove this green slime from concrete surfaces like stepping stones, patio steps and even bird baths.

Top Magic Eraser uses outside:

As you can see, there are countless ways to use a Magic Eraser to keep your home looking great. However, I didn’t even mention how it can be used to clean shoes, cars or even leather.

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