29 Common Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes

by Joanna Stewart

Wed, Nov 14, 2018

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When your refrigerator randomly starts flashing strange letters and numbers it can be a frustrating experience.

You might be thinking “What is my refrigerator trying to tell me and how do I make it stop?”

The good news is that Samsung refrigerator error codes are designed to help you solve most problems without calling a technician. Unlike other kitchen appliances that don’t have error codes, Samsung makes it easy to figure out which part has failed.

Below we’ve collected the 29 most common error codes you might encounter with a Samsung refrigerator to help you diagnose the problem.

Most Common Error Codes

The majority of refrigerator error codes are caused by either power outages or from the door being left open too long. Both of which are simple and easy to fix.

For example, if the digital display on the refrigerator is flashing the error code “OF OF” this means it is in Cooling Off Mode.

Usually this code is given when the door has been open for an extended period of time and the internal temperature has risen. The refrigerator will work quickly to cool down the items stored inside to the desired temperature.

Another error code that is fairly common is PC ER. This means that the connection between the door and the main unit in the refrigerator has been interrupted or disconnected. Check the connection at the top of the refrigerator door for any debris and verify that the door is closed completely.

Other codes such as 88 88, 83E, 85E, or 86E can be triggered when the power goes out or is interrupted. The easiest way to stop these error codes is to unplug the refrigerator for 60 seconds and plug it back in. This procedure will restart the refrigerator and should eliminate the errors.

If the error codes return you should consult the tables below for more information and have the refrigerator serviced.

Samsung Numbered Error Codes

Error CodeProblem
1E Freezer Sensor / Power Outage
2E Freezer Sensor
4E Freezer Defrost Sensor
5E Fridge Defrost Sensor / Power Outage
6E Ambient Sensor
8E Ice Maker Sensor
21E Freezer Fan
22E Fridge Fan
23E Condenser Fan
24E Freezer Defrost
25E Fridge Defrost
26E Ice Maker Function
39E Ice Maker Sensor
83E Power Outage
85E PBA Inverter / Power Outage
86E PBA Inverter / Power Outage

Samsung Blinking Line Error Codes

Unlike the numbered error codes listed above, blinking line error codes can be much more difficult to translate.

Each line on the digital display represents a different numbered code. You will need to use the graphic below to decide which error code has been triggered.

Error CodeProblem
1 Ice Maker Sensor
2 Refrigerator Sensor
3 Refrigerator Defrost Sensor
4 Refrigerator Fan Error
5 Ice Maker Function Error
6 CoolSelect Zone Sensor
7 Refrigerator Defrost Error
8 Exit Sensor
9 Freezer Sensor
10 Freezer Defrost Error
11 Freezer Fan Error
12 Condenser Fan Error
13 Freezer Defrost Error

If your refrigerator starts giving you an error code, make sure you write it down or draw a diagram of the lines flashing on the front panel.

In the event you unplug your refrigerator, the internal computer will reset and the codes will be lost. The repairman will need to know as much information about the codes to properly diagnose and repair the problem.

However, if you attempt to solve the problem yourself, you will need this same information to order the correct replacement parts.

As you can see, with over 30 possible Samsung refrigerator error codes available, it is easy to diagnose any potential problems. In fact, the most common codes are caused by power outage or interruption and can be solved by unplugging and re-plugging the appliance.

Have a question about refrigerator repair? Let us know and we will do our best to help!


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