17 Decorative Wrought Iron Railings For Any Style Home

by Joanna Stewart

Sat, Dec 1, 2018

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imperial staircase railing Photo via PDG Interior Design

Tired of your old and outdated railings?

I’m about to show you a simple way to completely transform your indoor or outdoor staircases and balconies.

Of course, I’m talking about a wrought iron railing.

One of the primary advantages of using wrought iron instead of wood or glass is the opportunity to create a completely unique railing.

As you will see below, with a little creativity and craftsmanship you can turn a boring railing into a work of art.

Before we continue, I should point out that none of the railings below are not actually made out of wrought iron. Instead, they are built with mild steel that looks like traditional wrought iron.

You see, true wrought iron production was discontinued in the U.S. around 1969.

The reason this type of metal was so popular in the 1800’s was because it was malleable, corrosion-resistant and could be easily welded.

Unlike steel which was hard and brittle, wrought iron could be bent and shaped into a wide range of forms without breaking. Hence, how it got its name.

Wrought actually means to be “shaped by hammering.

Although the railings of today are not made out of iron, they still have the same characteristics you’ve come to expect from wrought iron. That is, a grainy texture, corrosion-resistance and dependability.

Editor’s Note: Some people mistakenly ask for “rod iron railings” when they actually mean wrought iron. Please don’t make this same mistake.

I hope you’ll use one of the photos in this gallery to get inspiration for your next staircase makeover…

rustic wrought iron railing Photo via Gabberts Design Studio

Rustic staircase with wrought iron baluster and railing, wood steps and surrounded by a stone block wall. Stairs are underneath a hanging chandelier with shades.

curved wrought iron railing Photo via Michael Molthan

This staircase is in a Mediteranian style home with a decorative railing. Notice how the baluster is woven with curved pieces of wrought iron. The step risers are decorated with hand-painted tiles.

traditional wrought iron railing Photo via Peter A. Sellar

Another option is to use thick wrought iron to give your railing a distinguished look. Although more expensive, this subtle design touch can help make any railing unique and timeless.

intricate staircase railing Photo via Studiomint

One of the greatest benefits of using a material like metal for a railing is the endless options it gives you. Whether you like simple or intricate, there’s a style to fit your home. In this specific photo, the railing is highly detailed and uses a variety of sizes of wrought iron to achieve this effect.

wood handrail wrought iron Photo via Welch Forsman Architect

Sometimes metal hand railings can look and feel cheap or cold. To prevent this in your home you can add a wood railing on top of the metal balustrade. This is an excellent way to customize your staircase and add an extra layer of detail.

wood stairs with wrought iron railing Photo via Case Design Remodeling

The designers of this home have incorporated both wrought iron and sculpted wood into this staircase. You may also notice that the stain on the wood railing matches the wood steps to bring the entire design together.

luxury spiral staircase Photo via Martha O’Hara Interiors

Spiral staircases are a popular topic among my readers. One of the reasons is because you rarely see them in builder spec homes. However, when you come across one it immediately gives that home a feeling of luxury. Add an intricate railing like the one shown in the photo and you have an unbeatable combination.

foyer staircase iron railing Photo via Rich Baum Photography

Foyer features a curved staircase with wrought iron balustrade, wood railing and carpeted steps. The entryway features an ornate run on the floor along with traditional wood furniture.

swirl design wrought iron railing Photo via John Termeer

Take a look at this spiral staircase with decorative wrought iron details. Notice how the doors in the foyer are also built with wrought iron in a similar pattern.

piano staircase iron railing Photo via Amanda Still

Wondering where to put your favorite piano? Why not in the foyer of your home at the bottom of the stairs? The acoustics will allow the music to flow through your entire home. I sure hope you’ve been practicing if you decide to do this. This staircase also features a two story window with wood casing and marble steps.

contemporary wrought iron railing Photo via Five Twenty Two Industries

While most of the staircases featured in this gallery have traditional style railings, there’s no reason why you can’t install one in a contemporary home. Notice how this railing features more geometrical lines, but they are arranged in a more whimsical pattern.

modern square iron railing Photo via DecoDesignCenter

Here’s another great example of a contemporary wrought iron railing. The balustrade is designed in a square pattern with thick iron bars painted black. Notice how the details of the staircase contrast with the white risers, walls and furniture in the background.

dining room staircase Photo via IMI Design, LLC

Wonder what it would feel like to walk into an Old World home fit for a king? Look no further than this photo. This staircase features a custom wrought iron railing with stained wood handrails. Below the stairs is a custom built china cabinet that curves with the shape of the stairs.

straight wrought iron railing Photo via Michael Abrams Limited

These stairs have a unique, uninterrupted look. While most staircases require posts to support the handrail, these do not. Also notice that this railing only has minor detailing, but it is enough to give it a finished and classy look.

flower design iron railing Photo via PCM Inc.

A decorative railing like this one can transform an entire room. Design as a focal point for the space, this wrought iron railing is both decorative and practical. Can you redesign your stairs to be both beautiful and useful?

peacock wrought iron railing Photo via Carstensen Homes


As you can see from the photos above, wrought iron railings look great in any style home. Whether you live in a traditional, modern or craftsman style home, a decorative railing is a great addition to any staircase.

Although these railings are no longer made out of iron, they still capture the essence of the wrought iron that was produced in the 1800’s. Thanks to the progression of metal technology, railings today are made out of mild steel but can be made to look like hand forged iron.

When looking for someone to build a custom railing for your home, always ask to see samples. Feel free to show them your favorite photos in this gallery and ask if they have worked on similar projects in the past.


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