10 Classic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

by Joanna Stewart

Thu, Nov 29, 2018

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victorian kitchen tile backsplash Photo via Shirley Meisels[/caption]

I started collecting kitchen backsplash ideas on our Pinterest page a few weeks ago and the response has been incredible.

One thing you might notice is that many of these ideas can to turn your ordinary kitchen into a gourmet workspace.

The best part is that you may be able to install these by yourself. Let me tell you that these kitchen backsplash ideas will certainly separate you from your crafty neighbors. They may even ask you who you hired to design your kitchen - at which you say that you did it all yourself.

contemporary kitchen vertical tile backsplash

Photo via Robert Legere Design

The most common question I get about kitchen backsplash ideas is how to design with tile. After all it’s inexpensive, easy to maintain and is extremely durable.

tile kitchen backsplash ideas

Photo via Casa Verde Design

An extremely popular kitchen backsplash is subway tile. It is a great option because it works in traditional kitchens and even in contemporary spaces as well.

Subway tile normally comes in white, rectangular pieces. This style will give you a clean and timeless look, while still being easy to clean. White subway tile goes great with white kitchen cabinets.

white kitchen green backsplash

Photo via Clean Design

If you’re thinking about painting your cabinets, I’d recommend grabbing a copy of my free guide on how to paint kitchen cabinets before you install a new backsplash. You’ll be glad you did.

stone kitchen backsplash ideas

Photo via Design First Builders

Another one of the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas is stone. As you can see in this example, a stone backsplash will give almost any kitchen instant character.

rustic kitchen stone backsplash

Photo via Witt Construction

The texture and color of the stone provides a rich look and feel that will make your kitchen feel like a custom work of art. One of the most underrated parts of a kitchen remodel is the backsplash.

contemporary kitchen stone backsplash

Photo via Rossington Architecture

Most builder spec homes rarely come with a backsplash installed, so adding one to your kitchen could really set you apart from your neighbors. It’s these small changes that can really set your house apart when it comes time to sell.

glass kitchen backsplash ideas

Photo via Arctangent

An alternative to a tile or stone backsplash is to use glass. Again, these are extremely easy to clean. They also work well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

white kitchen glass tile backsplash

Photo via Rachel Reider Interiors

Depending on the color and finish of the glass, you can achieve quite a few different effects. It’s easy to install and cost effective when compared to more traditional kitchen backsplash ideas.

kitchen open shelves tile backsplash

Photo via Rick and Cindy Black Architects

A colored glass backsplash adds contrast to a kitchen with white cabinets and countertops. You could also be adventurous and choose a bright color that would lighten up your kitchen and make it feel bigger.

Using under-cabinet lights is a great way to show off your glass backsplash. The reflections will give you a more dynamic look and feel compared to tile.

Want More Kitchen Backsplash Ideas?

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