River White Granite: Colors, Cost and Maintenance

by Joanna Stewart

Sun, Nov 25, 2018

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river white granite countertops Photo via Hutton Bielmann Design Inc.

When searching for a light colored granite, River White will consistently rank amongst the best stones. Not known by other names in the market, River White originates in large quantities from bedrock quarries in India.

This natural granite stone is a frequent substitute for high-end marble due to its stunning white features with splashes of red wine.

River White is less expensive than marble and even more durable. It is an excellent starting point to decorate your kitchen around pairing well with light and dark color combinations.

Add in its durability, value, and low maintenance, and there is now wonder why River White is present in so many kitchens.

Color and Design Notes

River White is predominantly an off-white stone with gray mineral veining and burgundy specks.

The granite is popular for its mineral veining. Depending on the slab, the gray veining is very apparent, creating a one of a kind linear pattern throughout the stone.

The sporadic burgundy accents remain consistent in color but vary in number from slab to slab.

The stunningly white granite can easily pair with a broad range of colors. Complementing the River White countertop with white or beige cabinets will create a seamless blending and elegant kitchen.

Or take a bold approach and contrast the River White countertop with dark colored or wood cabinets, emphasizing the beauty of the bright granite.

Either way, River White will be an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.


During the polishing process, epoxy resin is used to fill any cracks or porous areas making the structure of River White more durable.

The granites water, scratch, and heat-resistant features is a must for kitchen countertops. Also, small smudges and excessive fingerprints will not appear on the light colored surface- meaning no additional cleaning, unlike most granites.

In comparison to other countertop materials, River White’s smooth surface is easily maintainable.

It is recommended to reseal the granite every twelve months to ensure longevity, and when needed use non-abrasive, natural cleaners or warm water and mild soap.

Typical River White Granite Prices

River White is a medium to high priced granite and is more commonly available in large slabs. As most manufacturers have a variety of granites in stock, it might take some time locating the perfect color variation and level of quality based on the buyers geographical location.

Including installation, a 2cm thick slab costs an average of $30 to $45 per square foot, and a 3cm thick piece costs an average of $50 to $70 per square foot. Specific cut-outs for the sink, faucets, and appliances can range from $100-$200 each, plus any decorative edging.

Other white granites such as Ivory Fantasy, Kashmir White, and Moon White are less expensive; however there is little to no comparison to the quality and clean, sophisticated appearance of River White.


Whether a homeowner looking to revamp their kitchen or a designer drawing out their new project, let’s recap the benefits of a River White countertop!

While the large off-white granite adds depth, the natural variations of gray mineral veining and burgundy specks ensure a unique look.

A variety of color schemes can easily complement River White, meaning it will never go out of style.

The durable structure of the natural stone is more ideal for kitchen uses in comparison to it’s competitors laminate, butcher block or stainless steel. River White’s color characteristics, versatility, and long-lasting qualities make it the best investment for any home.


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